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The Dutch Resistance Museum will reopen on June 1st

Entry to the museum is only possible with an online ticket with a time slot. Holders of a museum card or other access pass must also purchase a ticket. Make sure you bring the museum card or access pass so that it can be displayed or scanned at the museum counter.

Members of our staff will assist you and direct you safely through the museum. Extra services and facilities will be provided where needed. Because of the corona crisis, some additional requirements for visitors will apply:

  1. Visitors who have had no health problems (colds, sore throat or fever) within the previous 24 hours are welcome.
  2. Visitors should come alone or with members of their household.
  3. Tickets with a designated time slot must be purchased online, please arrive on time.
  4. Note when entering and leaving that only 1 person or group of household members may be in the vestibule at one time. Please wait until that space is free.
  5. If possible, scan your e-ticket, museum card or other access pass yourself at the far end (lower section) of the museum counter. Payments by pin only.
  6. Follow the hygiene safety measures and other instructions of the museum staff.
  7. Keep 1.5 meters (5 ft.) apart from other visitors and follow instructions for the walking route and maximum number of visitors per room/space. For the special exhibition ‘Fashion on a Ration’ and the Resistance Museum Junior, a maximum of 10 and 16 visitors, respectively, applies.
  8. Move as far as possible to the side when other visitors want to pass.
  9. Limit the visit to about 1.5 hours and leave immediately afterwards.

Preferably download the audio tour on your own phone via izi.TRAVEL.

Thank you for your visit!

1. Choose your tickets

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  • Adults €12.00
  • Children 0-6 years old €0.00
  • Children 7-17 years old €6.50
  • CJP / ISIC / Veteranenpas €6.50
  • Museum card €0.00

    The Museumkaart must be scanned at the museum counter

  • Stadspas €0.00

    The Stadspas must be scanned at the museum counter

  • Friends ticket €0.00
  • Voedselbank Cultuur volwassene €0.00
  • Voedselbank Cultuur kind €0.00
  • ICOM €0.00
  • I Amsterdam City Card €0.00
  • Holland Pass €0.00

    The Holland Pass must be scanned at the museum counter

  • I Have a free ticket €0.00

    the free ticket must be handed in at the museum counter

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